0:54:「Masayume Chasing」- BoA, Fairy Tail OP.

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drkspphrgt asked: If BoA could have another collab with another Jpop artist/group, who would you want it to be & from her older collabs too? I seriously loved her Girlfriend with Crystal Kay & Possibility with Daichi Miura! But I wanted them to dance together! I would love to see them do another collab & dance for me, especially with Daichi-san! For another collab, I would love to see her with Yuya Matsushita, Happiness, Dream, or Da-IcE! hehe never going to happen but a girl can still dream! ;D What about u?

For artists that she’ve already collaborated with, I would LOVE to see another collaboration with Daichi Miura or Koda Kumi. Although I love “Possibility”, it would be amazing if BoA and Daichi could do a song that’s more upbeat with actual choreography! The same scenario with Koda Kumi as well, their collaboration for “Meaning of Peace” was an upbeat ballad but I would also like to see a dance collab between them… the amount of charisma and girl power would be ground breaking.

As for my dream collaboration with an artist she has never worked with, it would have to be a collaboration with… Utada Hikaru. I have no idea what genre I would want to see them do… but I’ll take anything LOL. Utada doesn’t even have to sing, she could just work as a producer/composer for BoA and that would be good enough for me. O.O 

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Anonymous asked: Whether love the BoA in Japan and she is popular there now?

Whether I love/prefer BoA in Japan? As much as I love “My Name” and “Girls on Top”, overall I do prefer BoA’s Japanese discography over her Korean discography. She has more free reign over her image and creativity in Japan as well. Unfortunately, BoA’s popularity in Japan has declined. She sells better in South Korea than she does in Japan nowadays. As a fan, it’s disheartening to see a lack of interest in BoA from the general public, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a boost in sales for her future work. Her recent music video for “Shout It Out” just got over a million views (very very happy about this), but it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll do well in sales– one can only hope.

Despite being in the industry for 13+ years, she’s still only 27 years old and she still has so much to give. I would love to see her on top again and headline at the Tokyo Dome one day, she’s performed there with SM Town but not as a solo artist. She really deserves it.

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drkspphrgt asked: Are the female back up dancers for BoA's Shout it Out PV her Japanese dancers or her Korean dancers?

They’re all Japanese and this is the first time any of the female dancers have worked with BoA. BoA’s main back up dance crews for the past few years have been all guys i.e. S**t Kingz and Full Out Boyz (in japan). BoA hasn’t had a full female back-up dance crew for awhile so I was stoked about these girls. 


(In the back) left-to-right: Bambi, Akane, Kanata, Yuko, Miki, Aya

cr: tokyomikeyland

They’re really talented dancers and choreographers, check out their twitters (linked above) and their self choreographed pieces:

Aya & Bambi: http://youtu.be/VP59Cn4CNx8?t=40s


Kanata (n’ crew): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YFBhNg2grk



drkspphrgt asked: do u know what episode of Music Station is the one where BoA & Utada talk together!!? Thanks!

Hey~ The date for the episode is 080222 (February 22, 2008).

BoA & Utada Interview cut:


Watch their performances and the full episode:


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The Making of「Shout It Out」Preview.

CD & DVD A version

CD & DVD B version

CD Only

2014.02.26(水) RELEASE

Pre-order: Yesasia | CD Japan

Preview of BoA’s new CM song for ZOJIRUSHI ‘Close To Me’ in BoA’s 35th Japanese ‘Shout It Out’

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